The Novel Scheme Podcast is back and we have a new game review live!

Good Day Fellow Schemers,

We just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that the first episode of the new season for the Novel Scheme Podcast is live. Channing and Vanessa spend 90 minutes or so chatting about Rocky V and Rocky Balboa…amongst other things… Check it out on whichever podcast service you use or on our website HERE

Also Channing wrote and recorded a game review for The Evil Within 2 which you can listen to if you subscribe to the Novel Scheme Podcast, or you can read for yourself on our Game Reviews page. Stay tuned for Channing’s Onimusha HD review in the coming days!

First Game Review Live!

Good evening everyone!

We’re excited to announce that the first Novel Scheme game review is now live! Channing covered the survival horror title, The Evil Within, so go check it out and let us know what you think! For those of you who don't enjoy reading, you’ll be able to listen to an audio format for the review over on our Podcast page.

Speaking of podcasts, Channing and Vanessa just recorded the season premiere episode of the Novel Scheme Podcast, which will go live on Wednesday, 1/16. They picked up where they left off covering the Rocky franchise and discussed Rocky V as well as the sixth film, Rocky Balboa.

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to NOVEL SCHEME! Work is still very much underway for the newly rebranded website for the literary work of Channing Cornwall as well as the formerly titled, Cornwall Culture Chronicles Podcast. Some of you may be wondering, ‘who gives a f*ck?’ To which I would reply with a solemn shrug and continue about my day doing my best to never bother you again. For the rest of you however, this is an opportunity to pull these disparate projects that myself and Vanessa have been working on into one space. I’ve been using the Novel Scheme name for a long time and it felt apt to be used as the name for a ‘company’ of sorts. Novel Scheme is a publisher of novels, podcasts, and soon to come, game reviews, thoughts, blogs, etc. So bear with us as we put the finishing touches on the website and begin to produce new content! Feel free to comment or ask questions below, and let’s keep it a civil, no one likes unpleasant douchery.